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Great conditions & reliable wind, proven windstats in Vassiliki

Wind Stats

Club Vass sits right on the beach in the centre of Vassiliki bay, which has a unique micro climate.

The wind is very often light and calm cross shore in the morning ideal for kids, beginners and practicing your moves, switching 180º like clockwork just after lunch to windier conditions suitable for improvers to experts.

Check out the conditions we record each day below!

Date WindPlaningSailConditions
26/05/242-327.2Light Cross shore
25/05/24 2-4 15.7 Quick Cross shore hr
24/05/242-336.5Blasting in the gusts
23/05/24 2-436.0Off shore and flat
22/05/24 3-554.5Full On day
21/05/24 2-436.2Cross on winds
20/05/24 1-3 05.0Onshore breeze
19/05/243-534.7Super start 2024
29/09/232-445.3Flat and windy
28/09/231-205.0Gentle east winds
27/09/231-317.5Winging weather
26/09/231-205.0It was a bit wet
25/09/23 4-554.5Banging Crossshore
24/09/232-446.5Nice cross shore day
23/09/231-205.0Winging weather
22/09/231-317.5A brief Blow
21/09/23 1-205.0Longboard Day
20/09/233-544.5Classic Vass day
19/09/233-534.7Flat and breezy
18/09/233-544.5Super September
17/09/23327.5Just enough to blast
16/09/234-544.5Super September day
15/09/232-326.6Light breeze
14/09/233-544.7Another banger
13/09/233-544.7Flat and windy
12/09/232-336.2Freeride blasting
11/09/231-217.5Foils out
10/09/23105.0Dolphin spotting
09/09/231-218.1Cross shore from the east
08/09/231-427.5Friday Feeling
07/09/231-205.0Improvers improving
06/09/231-205.0Longboard freestyle
05/09/231-307.5Winging weather
04/09/23 100It was a bit wet
03/09/233-554.5Banger of a day
02/09/23317.5Float and ride
01/09/233-435.3Lee said it's windy
31/08/231-205.0light wind races
30/08/232-317.5Just enough
29/08/234-544.5Cross on turning cross
28/08/231-218.1Winging weather
27/08/233-544.2Classic Vass
26/08/231-2 18.1Winging weather
25/08/23105.0Hot day on the beach
24/08/23105.0Volley Ball
23/08/231-317.5Planing day!
22/08/23105.0Light wind freestyle
21/08/23 105.0Hot days at the beach
20/08/231-317.5Just Enough
19/08/234-554.0Classic Vass
18/08/234-544.0Evening session was on
17/08/23446.5Good Breeze
16/08/233-653.7Doesn't get better
15/08/233-544.7Fun Conditions
14/08/233-455.5Great start to the week
13/08/232-327.0Big kit blasting
12/08/232-327.5Light Breeze
11/08/233-445.0Classic Vass day
10/08/234-534.5Strong in the evening
09/08/232-327.5Late in the day
08/08/235-654.0Windy Vass
07/08/23 2-327.5Cross on shore
06/08/231-318.1Off shore blast
05/08/231-305.0Stormy Day
04/08/231-317.5Cross on Gusts
03/08/23336.5Flat water Blast
02/08/232-336.5Good Breeze
01/08/233-445.3Cross onshore
31/07/234-654.0Evening session
30/07/234-534.7Good out back
29/07/234-554.5Classic Vass
28/07/234-654.0Another big day
27/07/235-763.0FULL POWER
26/07/233-425.3A few hours of goodness
25/07/230-105.0 Volly ball tournament
24/07/23337.8Hairdryer winds
23/07/232-3 18.1Streaming hot
22/07/232-326.5Hot but we had wind
21/07/231-317.5Little blow
20/07/234-534.7Excellent Conditions
19/07/234-544.7Another hot one
18/07/234-545.3Hot and Windy
17/07/235-654.5Best Day of the season
16/07/233-446.2Nice cross shore day
15/07/234-654.2Full Power
13/07/234-544.5Longboard day
12/07/231-205.0Longboard day
11/07/23346.5Freeride fun
10/07/233-555.0Turned out nicely
09/07/233-446.5Flat water blasting
08/07/235-7All day3.3Full Power
07/07/234-5All day4.5Doesn't get better
06/07/235-6All day4.0On fire
05/07/235All day4.5Solid
04/07/233-435.5Bit up and down
02/07/234-664.2Bang it's windy
01/07/231-205.0Longboard fun
30/06/23436.2Gentle Blasting
29/06/233-544.7Working nicely
28/06/233-445.3Cross on fun
27/06/231-205.0A light wind Day
26/06/234-554.7Super speed week
25/06/231-416.2Gusty Onshore
24/06/231-205.0 Light wind freestyle
23/06/23336.0Master Blast
22/06/234-544.5What an Afternoon!
21/06/233-426.5Cheeky Blow
20/06/233-445.5Another Perfect day
19/06/234-554.7Perfect Vass
18/06/234-545.3Nice x shore day
17/06/235-624.5Full power
15/06/23000Beach volly ball
14/06/23327.2Just enough
13/06/232-436.2Two sessions
12/06/233-435.7Gusty Offshore
11/06/234-644.2Early Blow
10/06/233-555.3Up and Down
09/06/234-764.0Mega Day
08/06/233-446.2Blasting out back
07/06/231-205.0Longboard freestyle
06/06/234-545.3Epic was working
05/06/231-205.0light wind day
04/06/232-317.2Teaser of a day
03/06/234-654.5On Fire
02/06/23445.3Perfect cross shore
01/06/233-436.2Back in the game
31/05/231-205.0The tandem is out
30/05/232-317.5Little blow
29/05/231-205.0Improvers loving it!
28/05/23425.3Nice cross shore
27/05/234-534.4Strong off shore
26/05/23207.5 Longboard racing
25/05/23316.5A little blow
24/05/233-445.7Good Freeride
23/05/233-544.4Classic Vass
22/05/23204.5 Longboard freestyle
21/05/23204.5 Light wind day
01/10/22205.0 Light wind day
30/09/22205.0Longboard day
29/09/222-317.5On shore all day
28/10/222-317.5A few cross on gusts
27/09/222-315.4Stormy then a quick foil session
26/09/222-318.1A little Cross onshore
25/09/22205.0On shore all day
24/09/22205.0Winging weather
23/09/222-326.5Another cross shore day
22/09/223-436.0Just enough for a good blast
21/09/223-554.5Morning cross shore to offshore
20/09/223-456.0Nice cross shore day
19/09/224-5All Day4.5Banger of a day
18/09/223-416.5Off shore and gusty
17/09/221-205.0Longboard day
16/09/22326.5Eric Playing games
15/09/223-446.0Vass perfection
14/09/222-346.5Free riding
13/09/224-564.5Great cross shore winds
12/09/224-663.7Big men were on 4.2s
11/09/221-205.0Light wind freestyle
10/09/223-415.3 Evening Session
09/09/221-205.0On shore freestyle day
08/09/222-554.7Got better in the evening
07/09/222-346.0Same again
06/09/222-336.0Flat water and nice winds
05/09/222-336.0A lighter day
04/09/223-445.7Good blasting day
03/09/223-753.3Super windy afternoon
02/09/223-524.5Gusty but good
01/09/223-435.3Nice cross shore breeze
31/08/224-554.5Strong out back
30/08/224-643.7Doesn't get better
29/08/224-644.0It just keeps coming
28/08/224-654.0What a day on the water!
27/08/224-534.5Nice cross shore day
26/08/222-326.5Winging weather
25/08/221-205.0Light wind afternoon
24/08/224-5All day4.7On repeat
23/08/224-5All day4.7Another windy one
22/08/223-5All day5.3On and Off all day
21/08/225-7All day3.3Tommy B on a 4.0!
20/08/224-564.2Classic Vass
19/08/224-644.0Strong stuff out in the bay
18/08/224-534.7Good out back
17/08/224-663.7Strong winds today
16/08/222-326.6Short blast of cross shore
15/08/223-6All day3.7Big day in Vass
14/08/221-205.0Light off shore
13/08/223-554.7Cross off and windy
12/08/223-445.7Cross on stormy
11/08/223-445.5Cross on
10/08/223-455.3Classic Vass
09/08/224-554.2Windy day
08/08/221-316.6Offshore gusts
07/08/224-524.7Cloudy but some wind!
06/08/222-318.1A little blow
05/08/223-465.0Flat water blasting
04/08/223-554.7Eric delivering the good stuff
03/08/224-554.5Perfect Vassiliki
02/08/224-654.0Spot on Vass
01/08/222-318.1Juist a tickle
31/07/223-664.0Banger of a day
30/07/223-445.0Slow start to a good afternoon
29/07/223-564.2Full on Friday
28/07/223-554.5Windy out back
27/07/222-425.3Back in action
26/07/221-317.0On shore hour!
25/07/221-205.0Foiling just!
24/07/224-564.5Pumping conditions
23/07/223-564.7Nice afternoon
22/07/223-564.5Another crazy day
21/07/223-653.7Crazy Conditions
20/07/223-545.0All or nothing today
19/07/222-425.7Just enough for a blast
18/07/222-3 26.5Late evening session
17/07/223-544.7Perfect Vass
16/07/223-445.3Cross off shore
15/07/222-554.7Gusty but fun!
14/07/225-673.7Strong winds
13/07/223-653.7Changing conditions
12/07/224-554.5A classic vas day
11/07/223-544.7Starting the week in style
10/07/223-426.5Good breeze
09/07/223-435.3Good free ride day
08/07/223-426.5Stormy cross shore
07/07/22 3-455.3Flat and windy
06/07/223-445.3Cross off fun
05/07/223-544.5Back on!
04/07/222-436.0Hot and breezy
03/07/22205.0Hot Hot Hot!
02/07/22435.3Great afternoon
01/07/224-544.5Bang July!
30/06/223-436.5Cross on shore
29/06/22205.0Light wind day
28/06/22317.0On shore
27/06/22435.7Up and down today
26/06/224-534.7Lovely Sunday
25/06/22415.5Came in late
24/06/223-544.5Gusty but fun
23/06/224-544.7Flat water and clean winds
22/06/223-644.0Came good in the end
21/06/224-653.7WINDY day
20/06/223-564.5It was blowing today!
19/06/22205.0Light wind freestyle
18/06/22327.5A little cross shore blast
17/06/224-554.2Banger of a day
16/06/22326.5Out back free ride
15/06/22326.5Just enough for a blast
14/06/223-445.7Cruising in cross shore
13/06/223-445.7Flat water blasting
12/06/224-564.7Another windy day
11/06/224-5All day4.7Back with a bang
10/06/221-205.0Bit of wet weather
09/06/222-327.5On shore
08/06/22316.0Cross on shore
07/06/223-415.4Cross on shore
06/06/223-425.3Good blasting conditions
05/06/225-653.7Blowing old boots
04/06/223-534.7Cross off and windy
25.3Eric working well
02/06/224-554.2Epic afternoon
01/06/22205.0Light cross on
31/05/22216.5Foiling weather
30/05/222-435.7Cross shore joy
29/05/222-424.7Cross on fun
28/05/22205.0A quiet day
27/05/22317.5A little breeze
26/05/223-554.7Working perfectly
25/05/223-514.7A quick blasts
24/05/22326.6On shore fun
23/05/22435.5Cross on
22/05/224-524.7Opening day cross shore!
02/10/212-317.5Evening cross shore
01/10/21205.0Chilled longboard day
30/09212-317.8A tickle of cross
29/09/21205.0Perfect improver winds
28/09/21205.0Longboard day
27/09/214-643.7Full power
26/09/213-544.5Lovely old time
25/09/212-336.5Smooth water and winds
24/09/212-425.7Another blasting day
23/09/212-425.7Nice cross shore evening
22/09/213-456.0Cross off shore
21/09/213-436.0Great flat water blasting
20/09/212-326.6Cross on shore
19/09/21205Light wind freestyle
18/09/212-317.3A late blow
17/09/212-326.5Cross on free ride
16/09/214-524.7A few hours of the good stuff
15/09/214-654.0Gusty but strong
14/09/214-564.2Big Day
13/09/213-544.5Classic Vass
12/09/21105.0A little stormy
11/09/21205.0LongBoard day
10/09/212-425.5Cheeky blast
09/09/212-326.2Evening session
08/09/212-317.0Eastley Winds for a quick blast
07/09212-416.0Gusty cross off from the east
06/09/21316.6Cross on from the east
05/09/21317.0A quick hour
04/09/21327.0Just enough for free ride
03/09/213-426.5Cross shore blasting
02/09/214-763.7Big day on the water
01/09/21316.5Off shore winds
31/08/215-674.2Big gusts today
30/08/213-664.2Came in Nice for the evening session
29/08/21205.0Light wind Sunday
28/08/212-426.5Cross on gusty
27/08/212-317.0Cross off blasts
26/08/212-317.0On shore and a bit stormy
25/08/21326.5Cross on free ride
24/08/213-454.7Steady winds
23/08/21455.0Cross on winds
22/08/214-554.5Great out back
21/08/213-544.5Off shore winds
20/08/214-554.2Cross on fun
18/08/213-436.0Blasting freeride
17/08/214-554.2Windy Windy Windy
16/08/213-564.5Bit on shore but fun
15/08/213-554.7Flat and windy
14/08/213-426.5Evening session
13/08/213-445.3Cross on winds
12/08/21327.0Evening blasting
11/08/215-634.2Came in strong
10/08/213-653.7The best day so far
09/08/214-753.3Full power
08/08/213-455.5Great Blasting day
07/08/213-544.7Gusty but fun
06/08/212-426.2Off shore
05/08/21205.3Hot day on the longboard
04/08/212-317.3Very hot day
03/08/213-723.3Nuclear POWER!
02/08/212-425.7Out back blasting
01/08/21554.5Picked up quickly
31/07/213-524.5Came in late
30/07/213-564.5Windy Vass
29/07/213-564.4Classic Vass
28/07/213-455.7Flat water free ride
27/07/214-564.2Bump and Jump day
26/07/213-455.4Nice blasting conditions
25/07/214-564.5Free style waves are out
24/07/21326.5Freeride day
23/07/214-564.2Epic Friday winds
22/07/214-564.2Windy evening session
21/07/214-564.5Back to back Windy days
20/07/214-564.5Bang on windy
19/07/21466.0Gentle Afternoon
18/07/21465.7Bit Gusty
17/07/214-554.7A fun Day
16/07/215-773.3Whopper of a day
15/07/215-763.3Full Power
14/07/214-544.7Bang on windy
13/07/214-564.4Some freestyle action
12/07/213-554.7A slow start building but nice
11/07/213-564.5Classic Sunday
10/07/21326.6Nice breeze
09/07/213-436.5Came in later today
08/07/213-544.7Classic Vass
07/07/213-445.4Solid Afternoon
06/07/213-425.7Good X shore for a while
05/07/213-554.7Epic Monday
04/07/213-455.7Nice cross shore day
03/07/213-417.0It worked for a bit
02/07/213-544.7Early cross shore
01/07/213-426.0Hot and Gusty again
30/06/213-426.0Hot and Gusty
29/06/213-514.5Super hot on the beach
28/06/21327.3On shore winds
27/06/213-6All Day3.7Slight offshore but WINDY!
26/06/213-445.7Up and Down but windy
25/06/213-4All day 5.5Hairdryer winds
24/06/213-544.5Wind is back!
23/06/21205.0Beginners were having it!
22/06/21205.0Longboard day
21/06/212-416.5Onshore winds
20/06/214-634.2Strong afternoon
19/06/214-534.7Bit on and off
18/06/214-534.7None stop Vass
17/06/213-426.0Free ride afternoon
16/06/214-534.5Vass working well
15/06/214-544.5Classic Vass
14/06/214-7All Day 3.7Full power with a little wave
13/06/214-6All Day3.7Full Power
12/06/213-534.5Turned off... then on again
11/06/213-425.7Bit offshore but fun
10/06/213-426.0Flat water blasting
09/06/213-425.7Cloudy x shore
08/06/213-544.5Bang bang
07/06/212-316Quick hour of the good stuff
06/06/21205Longboard freestyle
05/06/212-414.8A quick blast
04/06/213-544.8Cross on joy
03/06/213-445.0A classic day
02/06/212-425.5Lovely cross shore
01/06/21205Light breeze
31/05/21316Off shore
30/05/213-444.7Great start to the season
03/10/20208.3A Gust or two for the Tandem board
02/10/202-316.6X shore from the left
01/10/20205.0Longboard day
30/09/202-315.9Gust buster fun
29/09/202-316.5Windy morning onshore
28/09/202-318.3Stormy day
27/09/202-326.5Onshore fun session
26/09/202-515.3Stormy onshore
25/09/201-205.0Freestyle Friday
24/09/201-206.0Light X shore
23/09/201-205.3Perfect Improver winds
22/09/201-206.0 A chilled longboard day
21/09/202-317.8Just enough out back
20/09/202-426.2Back in business
19/09/202-317.8Sunny and light - winds
18/09/202-803.3Mega Storm
16/09/202-316.5Cross on for an hour
15/09/20205.0Perfect Improver Day
14/09/20205.0Longboard day!
13/09/202-326.3Pretty nice free ride
12/09/202-425.7Flat water and great winds
11/09/202-316.6A quick hour of power
10/09/203-545.0Improved by the hour
09/09/202-327.3Good out back
08/09/202-318.3Just enough on the fox 140
07/09/203-545.3Better out back
06/09/203-545.3Great out back
05/09/203-426.0Little free ride
04/09/204-7All day3.3Biggest winds of the summer
03/09/205All day 3.7Moments of glory
02/09/205All day4.2All day winds
01/09/205-663.7Big winds
31/08/203-465.5Blasting conditions
30/08/204-5All day4.5Spot on
29/08/204-544.5Bit gusty
28/08/202-326.0Bit of the good stuff
27/08/202-317.3Quick Hour
26/08/203-554.2Pure Class
25/08/202-554.7Strong at the end
24/08/202-345.7Nice Blasting day
23/08/202-445.0Another fun afternoon
22/08/202-445.0Flat and Fun
21/08/203-455.0Classic Vass afternoon
20/08/204-7All day3.3Full on
19/08/202-554.4Off shore gusty
18/08/202-317.0Late show!
17/08/204-544.2It came in nice in the end!
16/08/204-544.2A little off shore
15/08/204-534.2Windy evening session
14/08/202-316.2Just enough for an hour
13/08/203-654.2 A Banger
12/08/203-554.7Classic Vass
11/08/203-435.3Another good day
10/08/203-435.3Lovely old time
09/08/202-317.3Foiling Just
08/08/203-544.5Stormy Cross shore
07/08/202-4All Day 5.3Gusty but good
06/08/203-5All Day4.5Back in the game!
05/08/20205.0Light wind session
04/08/202-316.5Cross on
03/08/20204.5 Bit stormy
02/08/203-425.0Nice session
01/08/203-614.5On....Off stuff
31/07/202-426.0All shore
30/07/203-455.3Simply the best
29/07/203-455.3Out back breeze
28/07/203-544.4Epic finish to the day
27/07/203-455.3Great flat water blasting
26/07/204-7All Day3.0Biggest winds of the season
25/07/203-564.4Vass classic
24/07/203-434.7Went a bit off shore
23/07/203-554.2Another banger
22/07/203-554.4Got better as the day went on
21/07/203-434.8Great Blasting
20/07/203-544.2Gusty but great
19/07/204-7All Day3.3Mega Day
18/07/204-6All Day3.7BIG day of the water
17/07/202-435.7Up and Down today
16/07/203-544.2Classic Vass
15/07/202-525.0Late but Great
12/07/203-544.2Doesn't Get Better
11/07/203-544.4Classic Build up to the evening session
10/07/203-434.7Lovely X shore
09/07/201-205.0Light wind day
08/07/203-534.7Out back power
07/07/204-534.7Perfect Vass
06/07/203-425.0Bit Stormy
05/07/20317.0X shore from the left
04/07/202-316.6Similar Day
03/07/202-316.6It's Hot but nice breeze
02/07/20327.0Light X shore
01/07/20326.5Flat water gybing day
30/06/203-434.8 - 6.5Nice Afternoon blast
29/06/204-643.6 - 4.4Another mega day
28/06/204-643.6 - 4.4Full on Vass
27/06/203-544.4 - 6.5Pumping Winds
26/06/203-415.3A Little Tickle
25/06/203-425.3 - 6.0Nice breeze
24/06/202-315.0Foiling hour
23/06/203-534.7Vass Classic
22/06/20326.5Blast on a Jag!
25/09/194-544.7Gusty but great
24/09/19205.0Stormy Morning
23/09/19317.3Cross on blow
22/09/193-436.0Great Sunday winds
21/09/19205.0Light winds all day
20/09/19415.3A short burst of planing
19/09/193-426.5Big kit blasting
18/09/19544.7Gusty but windy
17/09/194-5All Day4.8On/Off all day
16/09/193-534.7It had moments of goodness
15/09/193-436.5Afternoon blast
14/09/193-544.7All directions, solid outback
13/09/19425.7It came... it went!
12/09/19554.2WOW windy
11/09/19327.3Cross on Lunch time
10/09/19336.6Another good day
09/09/19327.3Light breeze enough
08/09/19327.0Flat water and a breeze
07/09/193-4 36.3Bit of blasting in the PM
06/09/193-426.6Bit of a blast
05/09/19317.5Plaining day...Just
04/09/19317.5Light evening session
03/09/194-574.5Super September
02/09/193-554.7Cloudy but windy!
01/09/194-554.7Cross on! Then it got better!
31/08/19564.2Amazing Cross shore day
30/08/193-446.0Cross on one fun
29/08/194-554.5Whopper of a day
28/08/194-544.7Nice windy afternoon
27/08/19435.7Came in Late
26/08/194-554.7Classic Vass day
25/08/193-544.8It got stronger in the evening session
24/08/19327.3Just enough for a blast
23/08/193-436.3On - Off Blasting
22/08/193-436.0Good Breeze for the intermediates
21/08/194-544.7Little stronger in the gusts
20/08/194-545.3Another Nice afternoon
19/08/194-545.3Great start to the week
18/08/19435.7Cross on... fun
17/08/194-564.5Doesn't get better
16/08/195-664.0Another Big day
15/08/196-7All Day3.3 BIG WINDS
14/08/195-763.3Full power wind
13/08/193-544.4Testing conditions
12/08/191-205.0Another hot day
11/08/191-205.0 Light winds today
10/08/193-534.7Stronger in the Evening
09/08/93-445.0Bit gusty
08/08/194-644.0Windy Windy Windy
07/08/194-544.2Wow.. a classic day
06/08/194-534.7Lovely old time
05/08/193-535.3No rest here
04/08/195-7All Day3.3Full Power
03/08/193-426.0Gusty cross on
02/08/195-644.0Gusty but strong
01/08/194-544.2Vass classic
31/07/193-445.3Great Blasting
30/07/194-773.3Mega Day
29/07/19215.5Foil ready
28/07/19205.0Just Didn't happen
27/07/193-425.3Bit up and Down
26/07/193-435.3 - 7.3Improved late on
25/07/193-425.3 - 7.3Evening session
24/07/193-446.0 - 8.3Enough for blasting
23/07/193-446.0 - 8.3Gently Breeze
22/07/194-663.7 - 5.7All time Vass
21/07/193-455.0 - 7.3Classic Vass
20/07/193-5 64.5 - 6.5It doesn't get better
19/07/193-554.5 - 6.5Eric on fire
18/07/193-445.5 - 7.5Lovely old time
17/07/193-446.0 - 8.3Back On
16/07/19205.0Bit stormy
15/07/192-4 36.5 - 8.3Gusty cross onshore
14/07/193-455.3 - 8.3Off shore windy
13/07/19317.5 - 8.3Evening hour
12/07/19425.6 - 7.3Cross on fun
11/07/194-6All Day3.7 - 6.0All Time Vass
10/07/192-316.5 - 7.5A quick Hour
09/07/19326.0 - 7.5On and Off
08/07/193-444.4 - 7.3Building all day
07/07/19316.5 - 8.3All shore winds
06/07/193-425.6 - 8.3afternoon free ride
05/07/193-425.6 - 8.3Nice Blasting afternoon
04/07/193-554.4 - 6.5Another epic day
03/07/193-554.4 - 6.5Gun runs out back
02/07/193-6All Day 3.7 - 5.3Whopper of a day
01/07/193-435.3 - 7.3Speed week
30/06/19205.0On shore hot one
29/06/19205.0On shore day
28/06/193-544.7 - 7.5Same again
27/06/193-544.7 - 7.5Strong evening session
26/06/192-317.5 - 8.3Just enough
25/06/19205.0A hot day on the water
24/06/194-663.7 - 5.7Full power day
23/06/19316.5 - 7.5Evening session
22/06/193-424.8 - 7.5Flat and windy
21/06/193-5 All Day 4.2- 7.5Another Banger
20/06/194-6 All Day3.3 - 5.3WINDY WOW
19/06/194-554.2 - 6.0Classic Vass
18/06/192-444.7 - 8.3Building and fun
17/06/193-425.3 - 7.5Blasting Conditions
16/06/192-326.5 - 8.3Little tickle
15/06/192-425.3 - 8.3Eric Delivers
14/06/192-326.5 - 8.3Warm winds
13/06/192-316.5 - 8.3Out back cheeky hour
12/06/193-524.2 - 6.5Came in strong but short
11/06/192-326.0 - 8.3Cross on gust buster
10/06/192-43.55.7 - 8.3Same again...Cross shore
09/06/192-435.7 -8.3Nice cross shore afternoon
08/06/192-326.5 - 8.3Cross off shore Gusty
07/06/193-643.7 - 6.5Strong day side shore
06/06/192-544.4 - 7.5On - Off.... Fun!
05/06/192-446.0 - 8.3Unexpected blasting fun
04/06/19205.0On shore all day
03/06/192-426.5 - 8.3Gusty but fun
02/06/19327.5 - 8.3Cross off gust buster
01/06/194-5All day4.2 - 6.0Classic Vass
31/05/194-564.2 - 6.0Whooper of a day
30/05/19205.0Longboard freestyle
29/05/192-317.5 - 8.3Just a little breeze
28/05/192-3 46.5 - 8.3Cross on joy
27/05/191-205.0Swirly whirly wind
26/05/191-205.0Light Longboard session
25/05/193-554.2 - 7.5Outstanding first day!
28/09/182-426.0 - 8.6On shore morning session
27/09/183-416.5 - 7.5Strong outside the bay
26/09/181-524.5 -7.5 All shore
25/09/18327.0 - 8.6Light but fun
24/09/183-444.8 - 7.5Cross on joy
23/09/18326.5 - 8.6Good breeze
22/09/183-445.0 - 7.0Super saturday
21/09/182-326.5 - 8.6Nice evening session
20/09/18217.5 - 8.6Little blow
19/09/182-327.0 - 8.6Tickle but enough
18/09/182-346.5 - 8.63 Days of magic
17/09/182-326.5 - 8.6 Another Free ride day
16/09/182-336.5 - 8.6 Great Free ride day
15/09/183-564.2 - 6.5Epic Saturday
14/09/182-424.8 - 7.5Bit of Freestyle
13/09/182-336.5 - 8.6Good blasting winds
12/09/182-326.5 - 8.6Evening session
11/09/183-435.5 - 8.6Cross on
10/09/183-554.2 - 6.6Super Sessions
09/09/183-564.2 - 7.5Mega Sunday
08/09/182-414.7 - 7.5Late evening winds
07/09/182-316.5 - 8.6Cross on blast
06/09/182-325.7 - 8.6 Gust Buster
05/09/182-5All day4.2 - 7.0 Strong off shore
04/09/182-444.7 - 8.1Off shore fun
03/09/182-454.7 - 8.1 Eric is on
02/09/183-454.7 - 7.0Classic Vass
01/09/183-444.7 - 7.0Epic day on the water
31/08/18325.7 - 8.6Happy Windsurfers
30/08/182-336.5 - 8.6Flat water blasting
29/08/182-444.7 - 8.6 A result
28/08/181-317.5 - 8.6Gusty
27/08/183-644.0 -6.5Storm winds
25/08/181-205.0All shore day
24/08/181-205.0Freestyle Friday!
23/08/181-327.5 - 8.6Planing Just....
22/08/181-327.5 - 8.6Another evening session
21/08/181-327.5 - 8.6Evening session
20/08/182-318.6Light... but enough
19/08/182-455.5 - 8.6A bit of everything
18/08/182-355.7 - 8.6Great blasting wind
17/08/183-445.0 - 8.6Cross on fun
16/08/181-205.0stormy morning
15/08/182-326.5 - 8.6Another good one
14/08/182-326.5 - 8.6Evening session
13/08/182-554.2 - 6.5Cross on but Nice
12/08/182-435.7 - 8.6Good Times out back
11/08/182-335.7 - 8.6It's consistent
10/08/182-3 25.7 - 8.6Pre BBQ windsurf
09/08/182-345.7 - 8.6Another afternoon blow
08/08/182-325.7 - 8.6Evening session
07/08/182-335.7 - 8.6Evening was so good
06/08/183-435.7 - 8.6Intermediate heaven
05/08/183-425.7 - 8.6Blasting power
04/08/18316.5 - 8.6A cheeky hour
03/08/182-3 17.5 - 8.6Just enough
02/08/182-445.0 - 7.5 Consistant breeze
01/08/182-4 55.0 - 7.5Going all out free ride
31/07/182-345.5 - 8.6Blasting fun
30/07/184-544.2 - 7.0Great start to the week
29/07/182-5All day4.5 - 8.6Super Sunday
28/07/182-3All day5.3 - 8.6Nice and Consistent
27/07/183-544.7 - 8.6BBQ blow
26/07/183-425.3 - 8.6a little blow after some rain
25/07/184-544.2 - 6.54.7 perfection
24/07/183-5All Day4.5 - 7.0Great day sailing
23/07/18205.0stormy day
22/07/28205.0Longboard laughs
21/07/18345.5 - 8.6Free ride heaven
20/07/183-544.2 - 6.5 Friday fun
19/07/182-4All Day5.5 - 8.6A little off shore
18/07/184-8All Day3.3 - 5.7A Mega Day
17/07/18425.5 - 8.6All shore
16/07/18326.5 - 8.6Just enough for a freeride
15/07/18326.5 - 8.6Late blast
14/07/183-663.3 - 5.7Big day in Vass
13/07/182-435.5 - 7.5Bit off shore
12/07/184-544.2 -6.0Solid few hours out back
11/07/183-5All day4.0 - 6.5Another windy day
10/07/184-544.2 - 6.5A little off shore
09/07/183-643.3 - 5.7Windy again!
08/07/183-6All day3.3 - 5.7 Another mega day!
07/07/184-6All day3.3 - 5.7BOOM!
06/07/18326.5 - 8.6A little afternoon breeze
05/07/183-544.0 - 7.0Epic Eric Thanks
04/07/182-444.7 - 8.6 Speed week perfection
03/07/182-3 35.7 - 8.6That's better
02/07/18217.5 - 8.6 Late tickle
01/07/183-435.7 - 8.6Blasting heaven
30/06/182-53.54.2 - 6.5Back in the game
29/06/182-425.5 - 8.6Off shore Winds
28/06/18205.0Stormy days
27/06/182-414.7 - 8.6Off shore but still plaining
26/06/182-326.5 - 8.6The rain didn't stop the windsurfing
25/06/1820Hrs5.0Bit cloudy
24/06/183-56 Hrs4.2 - 6.5Epic afternoon
23/06/183-5All day4.4 - 8.6Variable but all day wind
22/06/182-32 Hrs7.5 - 8.6Just enough again
21/06/182-32 Hrs7.5 -8.6A planing day
20/06/18205.0 Longboard Freestyle
19/06/182-31 Hrs7.5 - 8.6 A little tickle
18/06/18205.0 Great day for the beginners
17/06/182-32 Hrs6.0 - 8.6It got a bit wet in the end
16/0/6/182-34 Hrs6.0 - 8.6excellent blasting afternoon
15/06/18205.0It got a bit stormy
14/06/182-32 Hrs6.5 - 8.6Some more planing conditions
13/06/183-54 Hrs4.2 - 6.5 Not classic but windy!
12/06/182-32 Hrs6.5 - 8.6 A quick Blow today
11/06/183-45 Hrs4.7 - 7.0Great start to the week
10/06/182-44 Hrs5.0 - 7.5Lovely flat water blasting
09/06/182-31 Hrs7.0 - 8.6All shore until the evening
8/06/182-31 Hrs7.0 - 8.6Cheeky hour
07/06/18205.0light wind freestyle
06/06/182-32 Hrs6.5 - 8.6Late blow
05/06/183-44 Hrs5.3 - 8.6Gusty all shore but planing!
04/06/1832 Hrs6.0 - 8.6Just enough for a blast
03/06/183-45 Hrs4.7 - 7.0A little off shore but great
02/06/1834 Hrs6.0 - 8.6Another consistent day
01/06/1834 Hrs6.0 - 8.6 Steady breeze
31/05/183-43 Hrs5.3 - 7.0Nice afternoon blow
30/05/183-64 Hrs3.3 - 5.0Mega windy
29/05/184-56 Hrs4.2 - 5.7Whopper of a day!
28/05/201834 Hrs6.0 - 8.6Flat and Breezy
27/05/20183-44 Hrs6.5 - 4.7A great start to 2018
27/09/20174-6All day3.7-6.0Conditions are cooking
26/09/2017205.0-8.6Light wind freestyle
25/09/2017325.7 - 8.6Bit gusty
24/09/20174-544.7-5.0Epic free ride day
21/09/20173-435.3 - 6.5Great stuff
20/09/20174-534.7-5.0Afternoon delight
19/09/20174-743.3-6.5It went ballistic late on
18/09/2017434.7-7.0Came good in the end
17/09/20172-426.0 - 8.6Off shore
16/09/20174-534.5-6.5Super Sunday
15/092017445.3-8.6Great speed runs today
14/09/2017544.0-6.0Full power day
13/09/20172-426.0 - 8.6Off shore again
12/09/20173-426.0-8.6Light cross shore
11/09/2017455.3-7.5Perfect Free-ride
10/09/2017434.8-7.5Another good day
9/09/2017336.0 - 8.6Blasting conditions
8/09/2017426.0-8.1Late again
7/09/2017445.3-7.5Epic out back
6/09/2017444.7-5.7Slow start but good in the end
5/09/2017317.0 - 8.6Cheeky hour
4/0920173-426.5-8.6Late blow
3/09/20174-554.5-6.5Windy party - amazing
2/09/2017435.0-7.5Steady wind
1/09/20173-554.2 - 7.0Epic conditions
31/08/2017426.5-8.6Blasting in the late sun
30/08/2017317.0-8.6We needed a break
29/08/2017326.0-8.6Late and light
28/08/20173-445.0 - 8.6Great day
27/08/20174-6All day3.7-6.5Full power in Vass
26/08/2017426.0-8.6And it's Super Saturday
25/08/2017325.7-8.6Evening session
24/08/2017205Long board weather
23/08/20174-5All day4.5-7.0Gusty but all day
22/08/2017435.0-8.6Cross-on but fun
21/08/20172-326.0-8.6Light but fun
20/08/2017205Lovely old time
19/08/2017426.5-8.6All shore condition
18/08/20173-534.2-6.5Up and down but strong
17/08/20173-425.5-8.1Late blow
16/08/20173-5All day4.2 - 6.5On shore
15/08/2017316.5-8.6Off shore but some wind
14/08/2017326.0-8.6Cross on fun
13/08/20173-5All day4.2-6.5It's windy!
12/08/20173-5All day4.2 - 6.5On shore
11/08/20174-683.7-6.0Best day so far
10/08/20173-554.5-7.0Testing foils
9/08/20173-6All day3.7-6.0All day wind
8/08/20172-425.0 - 8.6All shore
7/08/2017445.3-7.0Another great day in Vass
6/08/2017435.0-8.1Just the ticket
5/08/20175All day4.0-6.0Windy day
4/08/20173-435.0 - 8.6Lovely job
3/08/2017444.7-7.5Epic blasting
2/08/2017415.8-8.6Hot we we had a little
1/08/2017454.2-7.0A Vassiliki Day
31/07/20173-544.2 - 7.0Gusty but fun
30/07/2017434.7-7.5Steady and consistent
29/07/2017444.7-6.5It's super Saturday
28/07/2017554.0-6.5Foiling and Freestyle
27/07/20173-435.0 - 8.6Good afternoon blast
26/07/20174-6All Day3.7-6.0Mega Day
25/07/2017316.0-7.5Stormy day
24/07/20172-554.2-7.0Another windy day
23/07/20173-544.2 - 6.5Gusty but fun
22/07/2017326.0-8.6Bit of a blast
21/07/2017326.0-8.6Hot day in the bay
20/07/20173-454.4-7.0And another great day
19/07/20173-434.7 - 7.0Nice Monday
18/07/2017317.0-8.6Just enough with big kit
17/07/2017554.5-7.5Epic day in the bay
16/07/20173-444.7-7.5Good start - great finish
15/07/20172-326.0 - 8.6Nice blast
14/07/20184-6All Day3.7-6.0Here we go!
13/07/2017445.3-8.6Good cross shore
12/07/2017553.7-6.5Banger of a day
11/07/20173-454.7-7.5Non stop
10/07/20173-444.4 - 7.0Had some punch
9/07/20174-554.4-6.5Great freestyle conditions
8/07/2017434.7-6.0Nice blow
6/07/20172-316.0 - 8.6Just enough
5/07/2017326.5-8.6Intermediate heaven
4/07/20174-534.2-6.0Windy afternoon
3/07/20173-553.7-6.5Strong wind
2/07/20173-434.7 - 7.5Nice day
1/07/2017435.3-8.6Another windy day
30/06/2017325.7-7.6Great foiling day
29/06//20172-454.5-7.5Steady wind
28/06//20173-524.5 - 7.5All shore windy
27/06/20173-444.7-6.5Cross-on but good
24/07/2017424.7-7.0Gusty but fun
23/06/20172-454.5-7.5Another classic day
22/06/2017205Bit stormy
21/06/2017456.0-8.6All afternoon wind
20/06/2017436.0-8.6Nice afternoon sailing
19/06/20173-445.0 - 8.6Tricky Gusts
18/06/17205Light winds
17/06//20173-424.7-7.5Up and down
16/06/2017444.7-7.5Bit gusty
15/06/20172-215.7 - 8.6Just enough!
14/06/20173-44hrs5.0 - 8.6Game on!
13/06/2017327.0-8.6Just enough
12/06/2017435.0-8.6Stormy Offshore
11/06/20173-5 54.2 - 7.0Super Day
10/06/174-54hrs4.5 - 8.0Blasting!
7/06/20173-454.5 - 7.5Great conditions
6/06/20174-554.7-7.0Amazing first day of tuition
5/06/201720Light wind freestyle
4/06/2017436.0-8.6A nice afternoon
3/06/20172-544.2 - 6.5Epic evening session
2/06/20174-663.7-6.0Mega day in Vass