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Brand new 2024 windsurf kit at Club Vass

The Latest Gear from the Top Brands!

We select the best boards & sails from the best brands every season. We know what works best in Vassiliki so you know the right kit is waiting for you. No centre in the world offers better. Don’t compromise your kit – we don’t!

Kit rental at Club Vass is unlimited and works via a ‘pool’ system, which means that you can use any board or sail and are free to change at any time*. It is also possible to reserve your own ‘Elite’ board for personal use at a small extra charge (book locally).

Full kit rental is included if you book UK Pack or our weekly tuition package.

Boards & Sails: Goya, Severne & Duotone

  • Full use of kit included in UK Pack/Weekly Tuition
  • ‘Pool’ system allows use of all kit*
  • Elite Board reservation available as supplement
  • Expertly rigged on carbon masts with high quality Severne booms
  • All kit racked and ready metres from shore
  • Great range of specialised kids’ kit available
  • Wetsuits & harnesses available for hire
  • Mountain Bikes by Whyte
  • SUPs by Fanatic


Goya & Quatro Boards 2024

Goya Volar CarbonGoya SurfGoya One 12 CarbonGoya Bolt 4 CarbonElite: Quatro Power
110, 120, 130, 145l100, 130, 145, 160l85, 95, 105, 115, 125l99, 109, 119l85, 95, 105l

Severne Boards 2024

Severne VersoSeverne FoxSeverne Dyno HDSeverne Psycho
122, 138l105, 115, 125l85, 95, 105, 115l 94l

Duotone Boards 2024

Skate SLSEagleBlast SLSFreewave
92, 99l130, 148l117, 132l95, 105, 115l

Goya Sails 2024

Goya Mark 7 EvoGoya Banzai Max ProGoya Banzai 11 ProGoya Scion X (Kids)
6.2 - 7.8m5.0 - 6.2m3.7 - 5.0m3 - 4m

Severne Sails 2024

Severne BladeSeverne GatorSeverne NCXSeverne MotoSeverne RedBack
3.3 - 5.7m5.5 - 6.5m6.7 - 7.2m7.2 - 7.8m3 - 4.2m

Duotone Sails 2024

Duotone DukeDuotone Super HeroDuotone E-PaceDuotone Now (Kids)
4.2 - 6.2m3.7 - 5.7m5.4 - 7.3m2.4 - 3.6m

Whyte 905 Hardtails

Whyte 905 V4 - Trail Enduro 900 Series
S, M, L, XL

SUPs, Longboards & Kids’ Boards

Fanatic Viper WindSUP AirFanatic Viper/DTWGoya SurfDuotone RipperJP MR Young Gun
11'0"75, 80, 85, 91l 190, 220l118l112, 118l

Fanatic Mega SUP: Fly Air XL

Fanatic Fly XL Mega SUP
17' x 60"

* subject to availability