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Kit Sales 2021

Due to Brexit-related complications we are no longer able to sell our kit directly to our UK clients at the end of the season.
Our 2021 boards, sails and MTBs can still be purchased at great prices through our close associates Boardwise.
Club Vass clients will receive a special discount on a large selection of windsurfing gear and other products.

Tel: 01543 505084

Fanatic at Club Vass

Severne FoxSeverne DynoUltra Skate TE
105, 120l85, 95, 105, 115, 125l92, 99l

Severne & RRD at Club Vass

Firemove LTEFSW LTEEvolution ET & SS
Free Style Wave V5Free Style Wave V5
110, 120l78, 84, 90, 96, 104l135l

Goya at Club Vass

Goya Carrera ProGoya Volar ProGoya SurfElite: Goya One ProElite: Goya Bolt Pro
116, 130l105, 115, 130, 144l130, 145, 220l85, 95, 105, 115l107, 117, 127l

JP at Club Vass

JP Magic Ride LXTJP Magic Ride ESJP Super Ride LXTJP Freestyle Wave ES
109, 119, 159l139l102, 139l103, 113l

Severne at Club Vass

Severne BladeSeverne GatorSeverne NCX
3.3 - 5.7m5.5 - 6.5m6.5 - 7.5m

Duotone at Club Vass

Super HeroSuper StarE-PaceS-Pace
3.7 - 5.7m4.2 - 6.2m5.4 - 7.3m7.3 - 8.3m

Whyte MTBs at Club Vass

Whyte 905 V4 - Trail Enduro 900 Series
S, M, L, XL