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Dedicated clinics for wing foiling, womens' windsurfing and speed

Women’s Windsurf Clinics

Girls on Board

2nd June & 15th September 2024

Our women’s windsurfing clinics continue to be a huge success, offering programmes designed specifically for ladies of all levels, taught by our top female instructors. All levels are welcome and actively encouraged. You’ll find the atmosphere highly motivating and there will be a lot of laughs both on and off the water.

Speed Week

23rd June 2024

We didn’t really know what Speed Week was all about, and when Sandy explained that they would be out on the water with the speed gun I was pretty nervous. As it turned out, my concerns were unfounded. Everyone was super-encouraging, with some healthy competition within our group of 4 (me, Guy, Paul and Charlie).

Speed Week is one of the highlights of the season, but it’s not just for Speed Freaks. This event is for anyone that’s comfortably planing in harness and straps. The aim of the week is to focus on feeling comfortable going fast, as speed is our friend for most aspects of windsurfing. There will be speed runs on the speed gun and a light-hearted leader board as well as (mildly competitive) Master Blaster slalom sessions. It’s highly motivating, full of banter, fun and camaraderie and a fast track to progress.

Wing Foil Clinics

2024 Dates:

19th May – Intermediate FULL

26th May – Beginner FULL

2nd June – Intermediate FULL

9th June – Beginner FULL

16th June – Intermediate FULL

23rd June – Beginner FULL

14th July – Beginner

4th August – Beginner

1st Sept – Intermediate

8th Sept – Beginner FULL

15th Sept – Intermediate FULL

22nd Sept – Beginner FULL


For the coming season we’re running special Wing Foil clinics for beginners and improvers/intermediates. Run by our top flight wing coach Max Rowe and using our outstanding brand new kit, you will be up and flying in no time! Contact our office for full details.