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Book The UK Pack Now!

Don’t compromise, only THE UK PACK includes:

  • Return morning flights from Gatwick with BA and Norwegian Airlines
  • Fly AM. and Sail PM.
  • Overseas transfers
  • Club Vass Hotel (waterfront) or Andromeda Studio Apartments (only for Club Vass guests)
  • Full windsurf tuition program & unlimited kit usage
  • Kids Club and ProKids
  • MTBs
  • SUPs
  • Sunshades on the beach

UK Departures

Our 2020 Programme operates Sunday 24 May to Sunday 27 Sep (last 1 week hol)
We offer Sunday morning Gatwick departures with BA (departing 0800) and Norwegian Airlines (departing 0645).
Our Gatwick flights allow you to windsurf on Sunday
afternoons on arrival and get you back into Gatwick mid afternoon the following Sunday.

For more information call  0844 463 0191 or +44 1920 444093
Mon-Fri 0900-1730 & Sat 0900-1200

See you on the beach!


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