Setting up for Summer 2023

Save your Space

Summer 2023 is in great demand, with many peak places already taken; if you haven’t already reserved, contact our office soon to hold your space, particularly for peak weeks and preferred rooms. Winging and windsurfing at Club Vass

Please remember that we do have to limit numbers to ensure everyone gets full access to our huge selection of top gear from the top brands, so it’s first come first served.

Kitting Up for 2023

Our brand new 2023 windsurf kit is already on order for next summer, including boards from Goya, Fanatic & Severne and sails from Goya, Duotone & Severne. At Club Vass we always invest a great deal to ensure that we have enough of the right kit for the prevailing conditions. With over 300 boards and 300 rigs in our racks, that’s more than most centres world-wide – and of course we keep it in top condition, rigged and ready, right by the water’s edge.

Spreading Our Wings

For 2023 we’re developing our dedicated wing foil centre, with brand new gear as well as top flight coaching from Max Rowe. Our complete new range of equipment includes the latest wings from Duotone (Unit and Slick SLS) along with Fanatic boards (Sky Wing, Sky Free, Sky Style and Sky Air) and Fanatic foils (Aero Lift, Carve, Free & High Aspect) and wind foil boards from Severne & Goya. As our 2 clinics are already full, we’re adding a 3rd Beginners’ clinic 24th September, so get in touch if you’re ready for take off.

The Need for Speed – 25th June 2023

We’re already looking forward to Speed Week 2023, but remember it’s not just for speed freaks. This special annual event is for everyone that’s comfortably planing in harness and straps and aiming to get comfortable going fast, as speed really is our friend in windsurfing. There will be runs on the speed gun and a light-hearted leader board as well as (mildly competitive) Master Blaster slalom sessions and great après-surf. This event is one of the highlights of the season; it’s highly motivating, full of banter and a fast track to progress.