Brexit: No Change for 2020

Whatever your views on Brexit, you may be concerned as to how it will affect your holiday plans for summer 2020. During the transition period (currently until the end of 2020) there will be no change to rules and regulations covering travel to EU countries.

Summer 2020 Answers to Key Questions

Visas: No need

Passports: Current passports still valid

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): Still valid

Mobile Phone Data Roaming: No change

The BBC News website gives a straightforward guide to how Brexit will not affect your 2020 holiday:

Am I OK to book a holiday in the EU?

If you are planning to travel to the EU in 2020, you can expect everything to stay the same as when the UK was still an EU member.

Under the UK-EU deal, there will be a transition period, when EU rules and regulations will still apply in the UK.

BBC News Brexit article

For further information here is the full government and trade body ABTA information: