How Difficult is Windsurfing?

How Difficult is Windsurfing?

Newcomers to the sport often ask; ‘how difficult is windsurfing?’ The short answer is – not so difficult! At Club Vass we believe anyone can windsurf and everybody should…

Many people’s view of windsurfing is based on perceptions from the 80’s or 90’s, when equipment was heavy, unstable and not much fun to learn on. Thankfully, things have moved on dramatically since then.

Equipment has become extremely light so the rig (sail, boom & mast) is easier to handle and boards are now far more stable. You can now get up and going in no time at all, and before you know you’ll be flying over the water having the time of your life. There really is no other sensation like it.

This means windsurfing is now far more accessible to those who’d never thought they could do it. We now see a huge range of people, from 6-year olds to grandparents in their 70’s trying it.

So, whatever your age, jump on board and have a go at this fantastic sport.

Our top 5 tips for trying windsurfing this summer:

1. Renting makes sense

There really is no sense in investing in a sport at the beginning. When you learn to windsurf, you’ll need your kit to keep up with your rate of progression. Ideally you want high quality equipment (light & stable) and a large choice to suit you and the particular conditions on the day. Club Vass continually invests in equipment to give you a huge choice of the best kit and the best possible start.

2. Choose the right spot

Learning to windsurf in waves, cold water and an off-shore wind with no rescue cover is difficult, off-putting and potentially dangerous. Thankfully Vassiliki Bay offers an ideal environment, with gentle onshore sea breeze every morning, warm water a given and plenty of rescue cover just in case things go wrong, or you simply get tired.

3. Professional tuition – the fast track to success

As a general rule, it’s probably best to avoid getting taught by loved ones and leave it to the pros! Club Vass instructors are amongst the best in the world. All are professionally qualified – many through Flying Fish (our associate instructor trainers) and our team have a massive wealth of experience that ensures you learn as efficiently as possible

4. Persevere – it’s worth it

Don’t compare yourself with those who have been doing it for years. Windsurfing is not a sport that you can learn overnight, but stick with it as there is huge satisfaction when you learn something new, every step of the way…

5. Go on a windsurf holiday!

Well this is what we do best…You can tick off most of the above by going on a windsurfing holiday in Greece instead! On a Club Vass holiday you will be able to rent the latest and best equipment, learn from top instructors in perfect conditions. You’ll also be surrounded by like-minded people, which is highly motivating and a lot more fun.

The Club Vass approach is tailored to suit all needs. We regularly run specialist events like Diva Week a ladies-only week and Kids Clubs and ProKids run throughout the summer.

And there are plenty of other things to do as well as windsurfing, such as mountain biking, stand up paddling, yoga & Pilates, scuba diving & snorkeling.

What next?

After a week’s (or two) holiday you may be ready to buy some equipment and practice at home. You never know where it could take you, you may get the bug, travel the world and/or start a new career!

You may end up doing a windsurf instructor course and coming back out here to teach and live the ultimate seasonnaire life. You could even start competing on the PWA World Tour, like some of our pro instructors do!

Wherever windsurfing might take you, it’s always a good idea to start with a holiday to Club Vass