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The Great 2019 Club Vass Kit Sale

All our 2019 Boards and Sails and are for sale throughout the season, for delivery direct to your door in the UK, Greece and now for most European countries at the end of the season (October).

If you are interested in buying boards or sails please fill in the form below, e-mail or call us on 0030 26450 31588. UK Postage rates: £15 for 1 – 4 sails, £25 for a board, £35 for 2 boards (Mainland UK depending upon postcode). Contact us for delivery rates to Europe.

Save up to 50% off retail.

And for even further reductions check out our Quick Kit Deals

The Club Vass Kit Guarantee

We buy brand new kit every season, carefully selected; its’ the best from the best brands! Our equipment will have only been in resort for 4 months max. We take great care of our kit, it is professionally maintained and stored in our custom built facility right by the beach to minimise wear and tear and ensure it is in the best possible condition.

SK8 TEGecko HRSBlast LtdFreewave STBJag Ltd
92, 99, 108l120, 133, 146l100, 115, 130l85, 95, 105l108, 125l
FSW V5 LTEFiremove V3 WoodEvolutionFireride E-Tec
Free Style Wave V5Fireride E-Tec
84, 90, 96, 104l110, 120l135, 145, 155l135, 155l
Magic Ride
Magic Ride
Family ES
JP Hydrofoil
Super Ride
Freestyle Wave
112, 119l142, 154l135l102, 116, 124, 132l86, 94, 103, 113l
Severne FoxSeverne Dyno3S Plus CEDRocket Plus CED
120, 140l85, 95, 105l96, 106, 116l113, 123, 133l
Severne BladeSeverne GatorSeverne NCXSeverne Turbo
3.3 - 5.7m5.5 - 6.5m6.0 - 7.5m7.5 - 8.1m
Super HeroSuper SessionE-TypeS-Type
3.7 - 5.7m4.4 - 6.0m5.4 - 7.3m7.3 - 8.3m
£ 0.00