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The Great 2019 Club Vass Kit Sale

We will be selling our 2019 Boards, Sails and Whyte MTBs throughout the season, for delivery towards the end of September / early Oct 2019 direct to your door in the UK or Greece.

Don’t miss out as this equipment is the best of the best and will have only been in resort for 4 months max. Most of the equipment will be approximately 50% off retail price.

The Great Club Vass Kit Sale will start at the beginning of the season, so watch this space…

Kit Guarantee

We buy new kit every season and we select the best available, from the best brands.

We sell the kit at the end of each season and during the season we take care of it, providing our guests with the best money can buy. All the boards and sails have been very well looked after and stored in our custom built facility right by the beach. Our team ensures the equipment is properly stored to minimise wear and tear. So, you can be assured whilst all our kit is used it is in the best possible condition. Any repairs are professionally carried out, and we don’t allow any equipment on the beach which has had anything other than minor bumps and scratches.

SK8 TEGecko HRSBlast LtdFreewave STBJag Ltd
92, 99, 108 litres120, 133, 146 litres100, 115, 130 litres85, 95, 105 litres 108, 125 litres
FSW V5 LTEFiremove WoodEvolutionFireride E-Tec
Free Style Wave V5Fireride E-Tec
84, 90, 96, 104 litres110, 120 litres135, 145, 155 litres135, 155 litres
Magic Ride FWSMagic Ride Family ESMR Young Gun ESSuper Ride FWSFreestyle Wave FWS
112, 119 litres 142, 154 litres 118 litres102, 116, 124, 132 litres86, 94, 103, 113 litres
JP Hydrofoil FWSJP All Round Air WindsupJP CruiseAirViper
135 litres10' 6"11' 6"75, 80, 85, 91 litres
Severne FoxSeverne Dyno3S Plus CEDRocket Plus CED
120, 140 litres85, 95, 105 litres96, 106, 116 litres113, 123, 133 litres
Severne BladeSeverne GatorSeverne NCXSeverne Turbo
3.3 - 5.7m5.5 - 6.5m6.0 - 7.5m7.5 - 8.1m
Super HeroSuper SessionE-TypeS-Type
3.7 - 5.7m4.4 - 6.0m5.4 - 7.3m7.3 - 8.3m