Whippy is back in Da Hab

Hey guys just a quick Hello to let you know what I have been up too: Well just got back from a unreal season in Vass, windy pretty much every day, real good team and very happy to be back under the original onwership of Tony and Roger. 

I had a week in the UK catching up with the family and doing some work on my coaching DVD, getting it ready for Xmas. 

I am now back in Dahab, it is so nice to come back, I have miss the chill factor that Dahab has to offer, it's good to feel the sand between my toes as I walk into to bath warm water on my 4.7 and my new 2012 freestyle board for a session in baby bay and speedy... Happy days, I'm loving it! I am teaching advanced this week with some real keen guys, sending duck gybes, vulcans and spocks. When you're away you forget how easy windsurfing is when you sail here. I am here all winter helping run our new pimped center (after the revamp in June). Hopefully some of you guys fancy some Jedi training,  and I look forward to seeing you out here!


Cheers Colin Whippy D

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