Young Guns Go For It!

image So the last two weeks I've been out in Vass I've been having an awesome time teaching the Young Guns (Kids) group together with Tommy. The Young Gun group is aimed at kids aged 12 and over but we normally get younger kids that are experienced windsurfers joining in as well. The main focus of the week is obviously the windsurfing! One of the most enjoying things about teaching the kids is the rate they learn, especially when we were spending up to five hours a day instructing them on the water.

The group was ranging in ability from first time Harness users right up to kids learning advanced freestyle manoeuvers. When I was getting into windsurfing finding friends that did the sport as well was one of the main contributing factors to me pushing forward in the sport. That's why its great to see all these kids getting competitive with each other and really pushing themselves.

imageThe reason we try to focus the majority of their learning to on water instruction is to avoid that classroom feel they must get from the on land simulator lessons. As well the obvious reason that when there in a group on holiday their attention span towards anything that involves sitting still and not talking is very limited!!!

Apart from the ridiculous amounts of windsurfing we did in the very few hours during the week when there was either no wind or WAY WAY too much wind for them. There were plenty of other activities that kept them entertained. Including a visit to the water park, which is just a two-minute boat ride away. Below is a picture of  me fully planing on a 2.7m2 kids sail on an insanely windy day.


Thanks to Jay Haysey from Globalshots for the pictures!

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Max Rowe

Max 2

Max has been a leading light at Club Vass, having coached at all our centres. He's definitely got the Vass factor - a great instructor: a great instructor with huge talent and a rising PWA star - one to watch!