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imageJust got my log in details for the Club Vass blog so from now on I will be posting news stories about what I’ve been up to in Vass or at competitions etc.

After getting back from the Caribbean for the PWA freestyle events I spent an amazing few weeks in Vassiliki. It feels like I’m going home when I go to Vass and I couldn’t have been more excited about getting there. I was stoked with my results from the tour as I was currently in 15th place in the overall rankings. 

After a hectic journey I was back at work on Monday morning teaching the advanced group together with Steve-o Hackey, we kept the group together for the bulk of the week but split occasionally to tailor the teaching for what people wanted to learn. One of the most useful teaching tools we use at this level is video coaching. It all happens so quick when your out there so its so helpful to be able to watch it all back over again. During the week in the advanced group we try to fit in two of these sessions, normally one at the beginning and one at the end of the week so everyone can see themselves improve. It was great having two of us on the group because it meant that whilst we filmed the other one good still do some productive on water coaching.

For my second week I was teaching the intermediate group which focuses on anything from getting planing to entry into the carve gybe. We always have a few instructors at this level to divide the groups down into ability. The conditions were amazing for the entire week and lots of my group nailed the footstraps and got their first waterstarts. 

I was in Vassiliki for one more week before heading to Fuerteventura for the PWA freestyle event, which is where I’m writing this update. The conditions in Fuerteventura are normally seriously windy so I was praying for some classic Vass days for the week. I was teaching the advanced group again and we had planing conditions everyday and lots of the group got planing exits out their gybes and their first duck gybes. It really is amazing how much of a difference it makes when you can get on the water everyday. Lucky some of my praying the wind god must of worked as by Saturday we had the epic day that I had been waiting for. You know it’s going to be a good day in Vass when you get the cloud (beard) at the top of the mountain in the morning so everyone was hopeful.  It came in quite light but by about 3 o’clock it was already about 35-40kts everyone who was out there had an amazing time and it was perfect practise for me before the event.


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