ProKids is a kids' intensive windsurf program for those who really want to windsurf.


Improver - light wind sailing, learning board control and long board manouevres, looking toward beach starts, intro to harness

Intermediate - light-wind freestyle, sailing upwind, getting into harness, starting to go out in PM cross-shore
Advanced - ‘cross-shore capable', generally in harness, still plenty of light-wind freestyle but looking towards carve gybes and high-wind freestyle - the sky's the limit!

The focus is on improving windsurfing techniques, with expert tuition and specialised kit from Starboard, Fanatic & Severne. Our ProKids program is tailored to specific kids' needs each week. Some simulator work is included, and video coaching is used as appropriate. On-water time includes light wind freestyle sessions (which will hugely improve their overall technique) in the morning on-shore and planing practice (including harness & footstraps), carve gybes and high wind freestyle in the afternoon cross-shore. The sky's the limit!

ProKids will also include other activities, as appropriate, including water park trips.


10.30-1.00 and 2.30-600 Monday to Friday
(Approximate times only)

ProKids have unlimited acces to kit at all times when the bech is open, but under parental supervision.


ProKids windsurfing included in UK holiday package price
NB: not discounted due to significant investment (dedicated kit, coaching and safety)

Numbers are limited and in great demand, so early booking is essential.


10-15 (guidline only, depends on size, ability, motivation)


We take safety very seriously and particularly where kids are involved.
Entry to ProKids and whether kids are allowed out in high winds will be at management's discretion, for safety reasons.
Parents will be required to sign disclaimers for kids windsurfing in the afternoon cross-shore (high wind). We supply helmets - wearing them is at parents' discretion, but those who choose not to will need to sign further disclaimers. ProKids have free use of kit outside of supervised times, but under parental supervion only.