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Crèche: Tiddlers (4-23 months) and Nippers (2-4 years)

What's On

Tiddlers and Nippers are based at our crèche, located right next to the Club. The log cabin is air-conditioned inside and has a large, shaded terrace so the little ones can safely play outside and feel part of all the Club Vass action.

Looked after by our qualified, experienced nannies, the the little ones enjoy a whole range stimulating activities, both within the crèche and on excursions. Arts & crafts, cooking, games are included in the fun, along with regular pool and park trips (we have buggies on -site, but it is best to bring your own for evening use).

What to Bring

Please bring your little one equipped with a bag containing sun-cream, sunsuit/rashie and hat, towel nappies (swim nappies if necessary), snacks and drinks. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any special requirements.


Crèche hours are the same as Kids' Clubs - 3 hours in the mornings and 4 hours in the afternoons with a break for lunch. We aim to be as flexible as possible depending on conditions. Additional babysitting can be arranged on site.


Please note: Whilst Nippers (2-4 yrs) is free for UK booked guests, there is a charge for Tiddlers (under 2s). This is because of the higher ratio of staff-children required for babies/young toddlers. The cost is £225 per child per week. Pre-booking is advised.