Club Vass Kit Sale 2016

10;05;26 aug18

The Great 2016 Club Vass Kit Sale is now closed!

Our 2016 Boards, SUPs, Sails and 2016 Whyte MTBs (see review) are now ON SALE for Sept/Oct delivery direct to your door in UK or Greece.
Don't miss out as this equipment is the best of the best and will have only been in resort for 4 months max. Most of the equipment is approximately 50% off retail price.

If you are interested in buying boards, sups, sails or bikes, please ask at reception, see the web, e-mail or call us on 0030 26450 31588. Please contact us for Euro rates.

Postage rates: £15 for 1 - 4 sails, £25 for a board or mtb, £35 for 2 boards (Mainland UK depending upon postcode)



ALL BOARDS: 2016 Size Rate in £













ALL SAILS 2016 Size Rate in £


WHYTE BIKES: 2016 Size Rate in £