Holiday Information


Holiday Information

Holiday Prices

Club Vass Active Holidays prices are accurate at the date uploaded but may be subject to change e.g. if on full packages (including flight) we have exhausted our own flight allocation and have to buy in additional seats to create additional holidays, and those seat costs differ significantly from those of our flight allocation, then our prices may change to reflect the differing flight cost. Similarly, if we have to secure additional accommodation from that advertised to create a holiday, the cost of the holiday using the additional accommodation may vary from that included in our advertised holidays. Also, should any governmental taxes and duties (both UK and overseas) be increased, or applied additionally to air travel, from that anticipated at the time of costing our holidays, such increases will necessarily have an effect on our prices.

At the time of making your booking we will quote you the up to date holiday price and by paying the deposit (or full balance as appropriate) immediately the holiday price on your booking will be confirmed. Once your booking is confirmed the cost of your holiday will not normally be subject to any change. This does not apply to invoice errors or omissions. Your booking may be subject to subsequent price change for reasons of your amendment or cancellation (details of applicable charges are given in our Booking Terms & Conditions). Once a booking has been made, any subsequent offers and discounts cannot be applied retrospectively, equally we will not retrospectively increase your holiday cost should our prices increase.

Deposits & Balance payments

To book, a deposit is required (£125 per person for holidays including charter based flight to Club Vassiliki). The balance of the price of your holiday must be paid at least 9 weeks before your departure date (this may vary should we have to purchase seats on your behalf from airlines or operators who require earlier balance payment dates). Should you wish to pay the holiday cost by credit or debit card a surcharge will apply to the total of the monies being paid by card to cover the card merchant processing costs. (Club Vass does not have its own merchant facilities for card payment processing. Payments by card have to be processed via Jetaway2 Limited, a Member of the Travel Trust Association No U3839. Any monies taken by them, in respect of Club Vass Active Holidays bookings, through debit/credit card payments is held in trust until they are paid to Club Vass Active Holidays. A fee of 3.6% (3% plus VAT) is applied to all payments taken by this method, to cover the charges made by the Travel Trust Association, and as the holiday booking is made with Jetaway2 acting as agent on behalf of the client in booking the Club Vass holiday, then holiday balance payments MUST be paid by the same method and the 3.6% fee will similarly apply).Payments by internet banking or cheque carry no additional cost.

If the holiday balance payment is not paid in time, we may necessarily have to cancel your holiday and retain your deposit and cancel any arrangements made with airlines, flight operators and accommodation owners made on your behalf, in order that we are not faced with cancellation fees from such companies or persons, greater than the deposit we have retained. In such instances should you wish to reinstate the holiday the deposit will not be refunded and a new booking have to be made at the prevailing holiday price. It is important therefore to ensure the holiday balance payment is made on or before the appropriate time.

UK Departures

Club Vassiliki 

Weekly daytime charter flights operate Sundays to Prevesa airport during the summer, May to October. We include Gatwick flights in our Vassiliki holiday prices. Only Manchester charter flights are a possible alternative but these usually carry a flight supplement and the cost of a taxi transfer as the Manchester flights don't coincide with the Gatwick flights that our transfer coach meets. Transfer to resort just over 1 hr.

Special Requests

Rooms - we can accept special requests for certain rooms within each category of accommodation but for operational reasons these cannot be guaranteed.

Windsurfing Equipment

Our policy on windsurfing is that clients can use any of our range of boards and rigs - there is no need to specify any board size on booking.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is required for our holidays. You do not have to book our recommended insurance but if you make your own arrangements for travel insurance please check that it covers you and your party for injury to yourself and third party liability in case of injury to others whilst participating in any of the watersports and other activities we offer. We have arranged a policy with our insurance broker that covers these items – They offer a Specialist Tours & Activities Policy that includes full cover for windsurfing and our other activities as well as general travel cover. You can book this quickly and simply on line direct with our insurance broker using the insurance link on our website.

Children and Infants

For Club Vassiliki: Children (2-15 yrs) receive a child discount; Infants (under 2 yrs at date of return flight, where no flight seat or bed is allocated) are subject to a small charge for airport taxes/charges. Cot hire is included and cots can be pre-booked through UK office.

Mountain Bikes

At Club Vassiliki use of our range of mountain bikes and Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) is included in the holiday price, whether windsurfing or not.

Other Activities

Other than the specified pre-bookable sports at the various centres, all other sporting and recreational activities are only bookable in resort, not in advance.

Equipment Damage

Cover for accidental damage/loss to our equipment is included in the cost of the holiday. Negligent or wilful damage will be charged directly to the person responsible in resort

Travel Visas and Health Requirements

For UK Passport holders a travel visa is not normally required for travel to Club Vassiliki (Greece).

Non-UK Passport holders should check with the appropriate consulate as to required travel documentation prior to booking. At the time of publication no compulsory vaccinations were required for British Citizens visiting Vassiliki, Greece. Please check with your medical practitioner for up to date information on recommended inoculations. All clients are responsible for the provision of necessary valid documents for their own travel abroad and own health requirements.

The United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office also provide a wealth of travel information on their website that may be of use, including health and travel advice.


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