Whippy's Wednesday Slalom Round 2

Whippys Wednesday Slalom Round 2


Round 2 of the Club Vass Slalom series saw complex conditions and drove the sailors to the limit!


A solid 30 knots came blowing down the mountain early on in the day, which saw 30 competitors carefully tuning there selected slalom kit for round 2.  As Colin ‘Whippy’ Dixon headed up the skippers meeting the wind took a turn late in the afternoon. Seeing gusts of up to 30knots dissipate into 3 knots as the sun went down. It was now clearly going to be a race of pure tactical brainpower and physical fitness.


As the starting boat got the race under way it was a battle of who had the best pumping technique to drive onto the plane. Initially in front was Scott Perry (Flying Fish) but getting caught out by a couple of strong gusts it was the astonishing Adam Chubbuck (CV) and Ollie Scott (CV) who managed to keep it together into gybe 1.  Ollie Scott making a daring move up the inside of Chubbock but not quite keeping it together saw both sailors ending up in the drink.



Close behind battling it out for 3rd position was Colin Dixon (CV) Becky Ellis (Flying Fish) Chris (CV) and first off the line Scott Perry, all tweaking there technique to get the most out of the gusty conditions.


It was Club Vass Manager Ollie Scott who was able to hold it together to take the win followed by the mighty Adam Chubbock and the efficient Colin Dixon.


Stay tuned as the Divas now head over for a week of incredible windsurf tuition run by Amy ‘Diva’ Chambers.  Can Ollie Scott and Adam Chubbock fend off the ladies in round 3?!



Results Round 2

  1. Ollie Scott – Club Vass
  2. Adam Chubbock – Club Vass
  3. Colin Dixon – Club Vass
  4. Becky Ellis – Flying Fish
  5. Scott Perry – Flying Fish
  6. Chris – 1st Male Club Vass Guest
  7. Gillian – 1st Female Club Vass Guest


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Wind stats

26/09/2017 - Wind force: 3-4

Game on!

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