Whippy's Wednesday Slalom Round 1

A clean sweep from Niko (WildWind) sees him take the win at Club Vass's opening round of Whippy's Wednesday Slalom.

imageFrom the outset it looked like the major players meant business.  As the wind switched from the characteristic light onshore breeze to the potent afternoon cross shore named Eric, it was time for the opening round of Whippy's Wednesday Club Vass Slalom competition. As the skippers' meeting was called, around 25 competitors were recklessly rigging their brand new 2011 JP and NP slalom gear and the wind was reaching gusts of up to 30 knots,

imageThe race saw the return of Niko from Wildwind who, having played second fiddle to Colin Dixon last year, proved that it was his time to shine.  Sending it into the first gybe mark it was the Juggernaut of Niko who had built up a health lead followed by Ollie Scott who demonstrated a perfectly timed gybe to cut in front of Dixon.


imageIt was then Andy Barnes (Flying Fish) and Mark (CV Guest) battling it out hard for 4th position. Entering gybe marks 2 and 3 close to the spectators stand, the wind had dropped off slightly and made for a very tactical end to the first race of the season.  Niko had built up a big enough lead to not be worried while Dixon managed to squeeze past Scott who unfortunately dropped his gybe at the final marker.

The next Slalom race is scheduled for Wednesday 8th June - stay tuned!

Winners Words:

Niko - Wildwind

"It was very exciting and tough race today. I forgot how much fun the ClubVass slalom was. It was my first time on my new NP slalom sails and they worked for me perfectly. I am happy to win but best of all I beat the ClubVass guys (hahaha). I know for sure next week Colin and Ollie will be out to beat me and its going to be hard to keep in front of them. The conditions today suited me perfectly."

1st - Niko - Wildwind

2nd - Colin Dixon - Club Vass

3rd - Ollie Scott - Club Vass

4th - Andy Barnes - Flying Fish

5th - Mark - Club Vass Guest

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Wind stats

26/09/2017 - Wind force: 3-4

Game on!

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