Whippy's Wednesday Slalom Round 4

Ollie Scott cleans up in Vassiliki claiming his third successive slalom win, whilst current champion Colin Dixon struggles in his wake.


A normal start to the day in Vassiliki saw light on shore winds.  3 o’clock came and with it a steady cross-shore breeze, which alerted the beach team to lay out the markers for Round 4 of the Club Vass Slalom Championship.


With the skippers meeting all wrapped up the sailors headed out onto the water to test and fine-tune their equipment.  The wind was around 20knots but had some serious lulls around the course making choosing the correct kit a key part to this race.


As the race got under way the sailors had to really work hard to pump off the start line and make the most of the light wind just off the beach.  200 metres later and the sailors were hit by a nice 20knot gust, which saw them slot into position to race for the first gybe marker.


Championship leader Ollie Scott wasted no time, putting in an awe-inspiring performance grafting hard to keep his kit on the plane in order to maintain first position the whole way around and again taking another win which puts him firmly in the championship lead.


Ally Nicholls was another stand out sailor demonstrating his skills to over take last years champion Colin Dixon. This leaves Ally firmly at the top of the table and in contention for the championship.


Who knows what’s going on in Colin Dixons head as once again he struggles to put together his usual repertoire of perfect straight-line speed and dialled gybes. He is now getting desperate for an event win and to earn those all-important championship points.


First guest back to the beach was Jamie who  put together everything he had been taught this week and delivered an outstanding performance to take down some big names.


We wait to see what Vassiliki has to offer for next weeks Slalom event. Can Ollie Scott make it 4 wins in a row or will Colin Dixon settle down and deliver his established performances of last year.

Round 4 Results

1st Ollie Scott (ClubVass)

2nd Ally Nicholls (WildWind)

3rd Colin Dixon (ClubVass)

4th Rob (WildWild)

5th Niko (WildWind)

1st Guest Back Jamie (Advanced Group)


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Wind stats

26/09/2017 - Wind force: 3-4

Game on!

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