Top Kit for 2017!

Stay Ahead of the Pack!

The new kit line-up for summer 2017 at Club Vass is way ahead of the pack...image

With the latest & best designs from Fanatic (including the incredibly radical Blast), RRD, Tabou, Severne & Starboard you will be well ahead of the pack.

As usual all kit is hand picked to work perfectly in Vassiliki and there is plenty of it with over 300 boards and 340 rigs to choose from.

All rigs are expertly rigged on  light, strong 100% carbon masts (including skinnies where applicable) and lightweight booms.

Club Vass kit is simply unbeatable - come & get your hands on it!

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Deal of the week:

10th September - Club Vassiliki £625

10;25;02 jun02 miles 12;45;40 may26 See offer details

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Wind stats

17/08/2017 - Wind force: 2-5

Another windy day

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