The Mother of all Reunions

Vass Class Reunion 2011

The Vass Class is planning the Mother of All Reunions at Club Vassiliki w/c 17th July 2011. The event is open to veterans and newcomers for a week of racing (Slalom, Speed, Master Blasters, Kids' races and even SUPs racing) and legendary Vass Class parties. For more info call 01920 463 0191 or contact or look up Eric Godofwind on facebook.

What is the Vass Class?

The Vass Class started in  21 years ago when men were men and moustaches adorned many an upper lip and not just the boys. Day glow beachwear ruled and if you weren't sporting a mullet, then you were probably follicular-challenged!  British windsurfers were getting pretty sick of turning up to wind-less events in freezing fog. They were getting restless: Where was the sun, where was the wind, where were the hot beach babes?  Where could you sail until sunset, then party 'til dawn? Where could you Master Blast so far out to sea that you couldn't see the shore? And where could you do this with a whole bunch of your mates? The answer? You guessed it, Club Vassiliki! The event? The Vass Class...probably the most irreverent windsurfing event in the history of the sport.

Based on three disciplines Giant Slalom, Master Blasting and Speed, the event is designed to cater for all abilities. It has attracted infamous sailors, like Peter Hart, Simon Bornoft, Guy Cribb, and even Dave "Mighty" White cut his racing teeth at the event. It's the sort of racing where everybody has a chance, in the Master Blasts for instance the best start last!

The Vass Class is like no other windsurfing event, and then there are the parties which are truly legendary, including Bizarre Beach BBQ, Cabaret Evening, Black Tie Prize Giving Ball, for starters. When you sign up for a Vass Class you're signing up for another perspective on windsurfing and life itself. If your muscles and your liver can take it, this is the event for you!

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26/09/2017 - Wind force: 3-4

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