Save Nat - urgent appeal

imageWe are sure many of you will know Andy Fairclough of Flying Fish (our watersports instructor training associates, based at Club Vass) and his partner Nathalie. Nat is seriously ill with leukaemia and is desperately fighting for her life. She is the most amazingly courageous person we know and she has everything to live for, especially her 2 year old daughter Elkie. We are so pleased Nat came to Vass this summer with her family, accompanied by the amazing Professor Max Topp with his family. Things were looking so hopeful, but Nat has since had a huge set-back in her treatment. She continues to battle this terrible illness with unbelievable bravery and, despite how weak she is now, she says she'll be back windsurfing in Vass next summer...

Please please take the time to read this appeal to save Nat and help get Nathalie back to Vassiliki and home to Australia. Below is Nat windsurfing and with Elkie in Vassiliki this summer - what an incredible girl! It's hard to believe how much she'd already been through, let alone where she is today.





Nat windsurfing before her illness.                                   Nat, Andy & Elkie

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26/09/2017 - Wind force: 3-4

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