New Fan-atic-tastic Delivery!

We are so excited...

A special consignment of brand new 2013 Fanatic boards has just left Austria and is winging its way to windy Dahab in time for the winter season.

This precious cargo contains Fanatic's best: Freewaves, Skates, Hawks, All NEW Geckos, Sharks, and Vipers.

We've also got even more North booms, 100% carbon masts and Severne Blades and Gators heading out to Club Dahab.

What are you waiting for?

Here's Fanatic sponsored Club Vass All Star, Max Rowe putting his Skate through its paces...




Deal of the week:

17th September - Club Vassiliki £595

16;22;02 may22 untitled-4 10;25;02 jun02 miles See offer details

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Wind stats

17/08/2017 - Wind force: 2-5

Another windy day

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