Business as usual in Vass

Situation in Greece: How is it affecting Vassiliki?


Shops, Restaurants, Bars

Life in Vassiliki is still very much as normal. All the shops, bars and restaurants in the village are open and trading. Most of the shops are still taking card payments, but bars, cafes and restaurants are generally reluctant to do so. It would be prudent to check before being seated/ordering if you need to pay by card.

The Club

Card payments are still being taken at our centre and you can still run a tab against your room (whichever accommodation you are staying at) for any food/drink taken at our bar/restaurant or purchases from our shop. You can settle your final bill by credit card or prepaid Euro card at the end of your holiday.


The banks have now re-opened. There are at least 3 ATMs in resort and cash is available for withdrawals. The limit of 420 Euros per week for withdrawals placed on Greek nationals is not applicable to foreign nationals. Samba Tours (travel agency in the village) have a new ATM outside their offices as well as having an exchange in the office (and they stay open really late) and currently are reporting no issues with stocks of Euros for exchange purposes. However it is good travel advice to take some extra cash along with cards (perhaps a mix of Euros & Sterling to exchange when you are in resort) if you are planning to use the restaurants and bars in the village and for any contingencies.


To aid peace of mind for all our clients bringing additional cash we have now installed safes in all our rooms (all accommodation).

Most importantly, the sun is shining and the wind is blowing and everyone is having a great time!

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Wind stats

26/09/2017 - Wind force: 3-4

Game on!

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